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The benefit of having one company…..

Eggsfor all of your landscaping needs……..


There’s an old adage about not putting all of your eggs in one basket -It is an idiomatic phrase meaning that one should not focus all his or her resources on one hope, possibility or avenue of success.If you put all of your eggs in one basket when you are ready to sell them, if anything happens to the basket, all the eggs will be gone. Therefore, it is best to put the eggs into several different baskets for safekeeping – or, best to put your money or time or investment into several different things. This isn’t always true- and for your landscaping, there are many benefits to having one company for all of your landscaping needs.

As you know by now, we are a full service company- if you need it, we can likely do it- enough said-

We train and expect our men and women to be observant, and make sure that they communicate when they notice that something isn’t right- for example: The maintenance crew comes out weekly to mow your lawn and someone notices that there seems to be a big squishy spot out in the back corner of your yard, or several discolored patches in the lawn- they bring that information back and we address it immediately. Based on the information, we make sure that we let you know about the problem and get the appropriate person out there ASAP to assess and correct the situation. When you choose to have several different companies maintaining your landscape  XYZ takes care of your irrigation and one of those large Mid-West corporations taking care of your fertilization, and someone else mows your lawn, no one is really looking out for you and your property as a whole. So, when considering who is taking care of your landscaping, maybe you should reconsider “putting all of your eggs in one basket”

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