Tree and Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Applications:

Your trees and shrubs are just as susceptible to attack by insects and disease as your lawn.  Their root systems also require attention in order to stay healthy as they mature.  Therefore we recommend the following applications for your trees and shrubs:

  • Dormant oil spray: controls and kills insect eggs laid on branches, buds and stems over the winter.  Controls diseases spread by insects.
  • Deep root fertilization: early spring and early fall
  • Insect and mite control
  • Anti-desiccant spray: coats foliage and seals and protects against winter winds and dry out.

As with lawns, not all properties are the same.  Your needs may be different than your neighbors’, and therefore there is no one solution for every yard.  We look forward to meeting with you and discussing the specific needs of your trees and shrubs to keep them healthy and beautiful for your maximum enjoyment.

clean lawn
Healthy cleaned up lawn free of leaf debris
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