Anti-Desiccant Spraying

Boxwood hedgewhat it is:  

 It adds a protective waxy coating to the tops and undersides of the leaves of broadleaf evergreens to help slow the process of transpiration which causes water loss and winter damage. As the ground freezes, our plants are unable to draw up essential moisture, so the leaves begin to sacrifice stored moisture from their upper and lower stomata, under the winds of winter.

time frame:  

Apply anti-desiccant when the daytime temperatures start falling below 50 degrees (late fall/early winter). Apply when the temperatures are above freezing and there is no threat of rain or frost within 24 hours, so that the spray has a chance to dry thoroughly on your plants.

plants susceptible to winter burn damage:

      Broadleaf evergreens such as Holly, Rhododendron, Cherry Laurel, Skip Laurel, Mountain Laurel, Japanese Skimmia, Leucothoe, Aucuba and Boxwood.

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