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Dressing your planters and window boxes for the holidays

Holiday wondow box
Photo courtesy of Worcester Wreath Co

Envious of those designer holiday window boxes that you see in magazines? Well, you too can have that same look with a little work and not too much money-

look around your yard, (some of the things you have cut back like your Hydrangeas and Holly trees make great decorations) or take a walk through the woods to find some evergreen (Pine) limbs and some defoliated tree limbs (those from Birch trees are just about perfect) collect some pine cones too-

pick up some holiday ribbon from your local craft or discount store and a can of gold or silver spray paint, and some florist wire, maybe even a little spray on snow. You might want to check out  “wreath piks” and some silk flowers

Fill the planter (window boxes, whiskey barrels etc) with dirt or some green florist styrofoam so that you have something to anchor your decorations to and start placing your decorations, let some of the greens overhang the sides.

A fun idea is to add some of those oversized plastic ornaments and drape some small Christmas lights throughout the display. There are so many ideas, and it really is fun and easy to do.

We’d love to hear some of your ideas, so please share them with us in the comment box below- Happy Decorating!

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