Water Features

Pelletier (73)

Water Feature Design and Construction

Whether you plan to build your pond yourself, or hire a professional to install it, its imperative that you not leave the design of your waterscape to chance.  A well designed pond or waterfall will cost close to the same as a spa, so its important for you to protect your investment by consulting with a good designer first.
Before we can set about designing your waterscape, first we’ll need to determine your expectations.

  • Do you want a koi pond or a water garden?
  • Would you prefer a pondless waterfall system?
  • Or a combination of the above?

Here are some further issues for your consideration:

  • Will you be able to appreciate your waterscape from the most frequented rooms in your home, or from your deck or patio area?
  • Is there access to a hose close to your pond area?
  • Do you need to install a pond-side electrical source, or do you have an electrical source already?
  • If you want fish, how many fish will your pond support?
  • What kind of maintenance is required?
  • What kind of plants do you want?
  • How much water will be required to keep your waterscape healthy?
  • What about water overflow from a heavy rain?
  • Is there separate drainage required?
  • What happens in the winter?
  • Should my waterscape be in the sun or shade?
  • Is the waterscape pet-friendly?
  • What effect will this installation have on the value of my home?


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