To Sod or Hydro-Seed?

A question with an easy answer:

If you have a moderate budget and a little time, then you may choose to Hydro-Seed. If you have a “sky’s the limit” budget and need your lawn in yesterday, then you’re likely to choose sod.

Hydro-Seeding costs anywhere from  1/3 to 1/2 the price of sod. In addition, when you use sod, you are transplanting grass roots from one place to another. Hydro-Seeding is seed germination and rooting in its future environment, which causes less opportunity for disease and “patch pull back”.

What is Hydro-Seeding?

Hydro-Seeding is a fast, cost efficient grass planting process that offers better results than conventional seeding at a much lower cost than sod. This process includes the mixture of mulch, seed, water and fertilizer, combined together in a hydro-seeding machine, resulting in a mixture commonly referred to as slurry.

When the slurry is applied to the ground, it creates a beneficial environment for seed germination and growth. When applied to a smooth surface, the result is an equally smooth, green, “manicured” lawn.Hydroseed application

Benefits of Hydro-Seeding

Because of its unique ability to hold moisture and reduce or eliminate erosion, Hydro-Seeding is able to provide fragile seedlings with an optimum germinating environment, resulting in maximum germination. Additionally, Hydro-Seeding offers the ability to apply granular fertilizers and wood mulches that release nutrients to the soil and prevent wind drift.

Additional benefits of Hydro-Seeding:
  • Ensures an even spread and germination of seeds
  • Protection from scorching sun which can dry, crack, and kill seeds
  • Protection from birds by holding seeds in a protective mat
  • Protection from wind and rain which can disturb seeds when hand seeding
  • Guarantees seed to soil contact which reduces germination times
  • Avoids withdrawal spacing and shrinkage of sod



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